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Rebecca Barton and Kate MccGwire

Rebecca Barton is a jeweller born in Alton, Illinois in 1985. She focusses mainly on plants in her work to symbolically illustrate a state of being. I love looking at her jewellery. Barton really emphasises the true beauty and vulnerability of nature through intricate details and detailed portrayals.  I like her use of colour as it creates visual interest and stands out on the wearer.

“deals with a plant that has been uprooted and is therefore vulnerable,” she says. “However, the emotion of the flytrap is one of seduction in order to attract and allure prey; prey that it will use for nourishment and strength.”

(Trapped Neckpiece)


Kate MccGwire is a little different to Barton. MccGwire was born in Norwich, 1964, the majority of her work is sculpture. She gathers materials from various sources over a period of months, even years. I look in awe at her pieces. She works great with feathers and layer them till they produce lovely flowing, sensuous forms. The viewers’ eye is drawn into the work through the use of continuous rhythmic shapes and the use of unusual material which some observers may find a little disturbing.

as  illustr

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Visual Journey

For this project we were told to take photos, collect objects and sketch things we get inspired by. Somehow we had to try and link (or find a link) between all our findings (photos, objects etc). It took me a while to actually find something which linked together. I came upon a small abandoned house. In the garden I found objects. Weird objects. Questions began to arise. What kind of people lived in this house? Why did they move out?

I took these odd objects back to the studio and decided to put my own ideas as to why this house was abandoned. Making it personal. However for some of the objects I asked other pupils what they would relate to that particular finding. Some opinions were suprising. For instance, one of the objects was a small bottle of ‘head cleaning fluid’. Any ideas as to what that might be? Yes, some people did relate it to fluid which cleans the inside of a printer, yet some people suggested topics like sex and underage pregnancy. I was open to all suggestions. To convey this through into my narration of the house I cut out words from newspapers, magazines, etc, and  glued them onto polystyrene balls – as if it were a ‘bubble’ of words. At the back of the house there was shattered glass everywhere – maybe relating to aggression or even abuse? To make all these objects relate to the house I nailed blue rope to the front door (contrasting to the red), tied the found object to each rope and finally attaching the individual ‘bubbles’ along with the object it related to. Overall, I believe this installation is not only interesting to look at but tells a story about a house which has been left empty for some time now.

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Paper, Tone and Scissors

For this Paper project the brief was to create a piece made from only paper. You could use scissors and glue etc. To find inspiration a few friends and I drove to the Dundee Botanic Gardens and took sketchbooks and cameras. I was interested in the drooping forms, tangled vines and dangling tree branches. When we got back to college I immediately started sketching ideas and developing them. We didn’t have a lot of time so I went straight to finalising and making my piece. I got hold of a shredder and shredded bag fulls of the paper. I bundled lots of strips together and tied them with invisible thread and hung each bundle from a wire frame attached high to the ceiling to create the drooping and dangling relating from my sketches. I repeated this process until I had established a mass of  paper. This is how it would capture the viewers attention – through quantity. Whilst I was at the botanic gardens there was a slight breeze, the rustling of the leaves from the trees. To achieve this atmosphere I placed a fan adjacent to my piece, thus, creating a light breeze which stirred the paper achieving the noise from rustling trees.

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Get Inspired

Inspiration. Maybe it’s something you see or something you read. Whenever I find something I find interesting, beautiful or interesting, I like to record it. These series of photos are objects, scenes, graffiti, other artist’s work and quotes that have personal meaning to me.

This is an installation created by Sarah Lucas. Lucas’ works possess a provacotive, sexual and voilent nature. She suggests human body parts through furnature and everyday objects. However, she also reveals how men are voilent towards women (below image)

In my opinion, this work shows a sexual and voilent mood via embedding a strip light through the mattress (male genetilia) and the light bulbs hanging from the coat hanger is the female genetilia. This suggests to me that the male is dominant and overpowering in his relationship with his partner. Thus Lucas’ work reminds viewers of the problems women still face with their partners.


Most of my objects and jewellery at home are little miniature things. I find them so cute! These couple of pieces are by Geraldine Klein.


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