Spin My Brooch!

So following from one of my previous posts ‘Line in Wire’, I have nearly finished my playground inspired brooch! Just want to get you guys up to date with what I’m doing in the workshop. For my final idea, I focussed mainly on my rioucnd-about drawings – really wanting to include the ‘SPINNING’ motion of a round-about in my piece. I must say this piece was very challenging! Because all the joints were very close together so whenever I soldered one joint, the oint beside it would melt! Very frustrating. But I kept pressing on and managed to solder all the joints firmly on. The first process was to draw down wire. For this piece I made square wire as playground constructions are very geometric.

I think the most tricky part of making thie piece was making the BROOCH PIN. I had to saw in a tiny bit of wire and soldered silver findings where the pin was going to be. The silver findings melted twice. Ugh.

So here is what I have so far. All I have to do is insert the wire into the pin.

The ring in the middle and the triangle extruding out of it is, in fact, the brooch. There are two separate pieces in this work. This round-about even spins so it involves the viewer as well as the wearer.

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