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Mosaic Lattice Knitting

Yes I am knitting a wee scarf and it WAS going to be for my mum HOWEVER I have decided to knit her a tea cosy instead so I am just knitting this for myself. I just thought I might show you how I am getting on! I would say it is moderately easy as it can get very confusing especially if you finish a row and forget what row from the instructions it was!


You will obviously need a pair of knitting needles (the size is up to you) I used size 3 1/4mm for the end of the scarf, then 7 1/2mm, then the needles in the photos are 10mm.

Also you will need 2 different coloured yarns, preferably one light and one dark.


  1. Cast on a multiple of eight stitches. Whether you use 8, 16, 72 stitches or more will depend on how wide of a piece you need for your project. Cast on with the lighter yarn and purl the first row.
  2. Use the darker yarn to knit the next row. Knit two, slip stitch one, then knit three, slip stitch one and knit one Repeat the pattern until you reach the end of the row.
  3. Create the next row by using the same yarn to slip all the slip stitches from the previous row and purl the stitches that were knitted in the previous row.
  4. Switch to the lighter yarn and slip one stitch, knit three, slip one and knit three. Repeat until you reach the end of the row. Repeat Step 3 for the next row.
  5. Change to the darker yarn. Begin by knitting one and slip stitching one and repeat to the end of the row. Repeat Step 3 for the next row.
  6. Working with the lighter yarn, knit two, slip stitch one, knit three, slip stitch one and knit one. Repeat from the first slip stitch and work to the end of the row. Repeat Step 3 for the next row.
  7. Start the next row with a slip stitch in the darker color. Continue using that yarn to knit three, slip stitch one and knit three. Repeat Step 3 for the next row in the lighter color. Purl the following row.
  8. Keep alternating the light and dark colors and repeat Steps 4 through 8 until your mosaic lattice swatch is as long as you need it to be. Complete your piece by binding off the final row.

Note: A slip stitch is a stitch that is simply moved from the left-hand needle to the right without knitting or purling it.


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Assignment 4: Reading and Reviewing

Learning Through Sesame Street

I enjoyed doing this assignment as I learnt how to use the library cross-search engine to find accurate journals and articles, understand how to make children’s knowledge develop effectively and write a harvard reference bibliography.

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Wearable Food: Reality and Non-Reality

Sung Yeon Ju was  born in Seoul, Korea 1986 and graduated from Hong IK University in 2010. She has created a beautiful series called ‘Wearable Food’ in which she has produced numerous garments made from food then photographing them.

Starting from top left and along the dress are made of: chives; Lotus root; shrimp; aubergine; red cabbage; leeks; BUBBLEGUM; banana; tomatoes. AMAZING!!!!

In her statement she claims that “Photography has a power to make us believe”, suggesting that a picture, no matter how manipulated it is, we will still think it is real. For example, air-brushed photographs of celebrities make us believe they have no cellulite or wrinkles, however this is never the case. So Yeon Ju’s assertion here is that as time passes – food rots and changes colour and shrivels. But through taking a photograph at the particular moment when the food is fresh, it makes us accept that the dress is unchangeable. But in reality, what really happens? The food on the dress decays therefore does not retain their photographed state – it is not real that food stays fresh forever like in the photo. However, looking at the photograph we feel happiness that this short-lived circumstance could remain.

I love this idea of reality vs non-reality as it makes me think differently of perfect photographs of famous celebs. It cannot be real that you always look perfect. These designs also remind me of Lady Gaga’s meat dress she wore which made you GAG more than craving.

Another artist I would suggest to look at is a guy called Ted Sebarese, he has amazing photography, design and sculpture.

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Abused to Beg

Just after watching a small documentary about beggar children in the African State of Senegal, I feel I need to show my opinions.

‘God’s Beggar Children’ was the name of the documentary showing how the poor children of Senegal live day to day life. They attend Qur’anic schools , which are free but very basic, and are forced to beg on the street by their own teachers everyday. It can be up to six hours a day they would be spending walking the streets for money, rice and sugar, and if the children did not bring back the amount of food the Maribu (teacher) wanted they would be severely beaten. Some children run away from their Islamic school, few run to friends or relatives but the majority end up on the streets.

In the documentary, there was one part where a young boy cried when showing his scars where he had been beaten, as it was too much for him. Very moving.

Authorities should stand up and take action, saying it is enough. Why don’t they?

I was shocked to hear that a teacher, who beat the children, said he ‘condemned the government for not funding schools like his’. Why should you beat children to learn? What is the money collected used for?

However, I was pleased to hear that the Government have started to look at regulations of Qur’anic schools but they need to make sure that not only does regulation include curriculum and the types of studies going on but that they have norms and standards that guarantee the protection of the children.

Yet, at the present, 50,000 children still beg on the streets just to avoid being beaten by their own teachers.

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Spin My Brooch!

So following from one of my previous posts ‘Line in Wire’, I have nearly finished my playground inspired brooch! Just want to get you guys up to date with what I’m doing in the workshop. For my final idea, I focussed mainly on my rioucnd-about drawings – really wanting to include the ‘SPINNING’ motion of a round-about in my piece. I must say this piece was very challenging! Because all the joints were very close together so whenever I soldered one joint, the oint beside it would melt! Very frustrating. But I kept pressing on and managed to solder all the joints firmly on. The first process was to draw down wire. For this piece I made square wire as playground constructions are very geometric.

I think the most tricky part of making thie piece was making the BROOCH PIN. I had to saw in a tiny bit of wire and soldered silver findings where the pin was going to be. The silver findings melted twice. Ugh.

So here is what I have so far. All I have to do is insert the wire into the pin.

The ring in the middle and the triangle extruding out of it is, in fact, the brooch. There are two separate pieces in this work. This round-about even spins so it involves the viewer as well as the wearer.

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Extra/Ordinary Objects

Japanese Skin Beauty Secret

This may look like a normal skin beauty product but as we look closer it is in fact quite literally… well bird shit. Nightingale Droppings are  made from the droppings of the nightingale songbird, which is dried, ground into an almost odourless powder and mixed to create a smooth paste, which is then massaged onto the face. This facial paste results in a pale and soft complexion, leaving the skin feel silky smooth exfoliated.

You should apply the mask roughly twice a week to get the best results and can be left up to 20 minutes. The droppings are commonly used for geisha girls to achieve their desirable white skin and to even whiten their kimonos.

Your Lover Will Fall For You

Both women and men wear perfume everyday, but the next big thing is going to be Skunk Perfume. No not to smoke. Some men even admit that the smell is somewhat arousing. And do NOT worry, no skunk buts have been milked to extract the smell. It was intitially used for disguising hunters smell so deer couldn’t detect them. Skunk is now sold for personal use in the USA.

Are You A Germaphobe?

Are you obsessed with being clean? Afraid of catching germs? Worry not! Now you can purchase these new phone condoms! Scientists have found flesh-eating bacteria lsing in the mouth piece of a New York pay phone. If you are worried about catching disease from a phone, these clean, disposable telephone condoms may solve your problem.

Smoke Out Your Baby

Meet Smokey Sue. Watch her smoke for herself and her baby. Over time, as she puffs away at her cigarette, the smoke will pass through into her placenta (water in the jar below), which carries her baby. The more she lights up the more filth gets passed into her placenta. This is a very blunt but excellent model to demonstrate exactly what would happen if you were inhaling during pregnancy. When I look at a pregnant woman holding a cigarette, I feel angry towards her, angry that she is smoking her baby. Your baby gets absolutely EVERYTHING from you. Inhaling smoke can pass on 4,000 chemicals to your unborn baby – one of them being carbon monoxide. This makes oxygen supply for the baby very low, thus their little hearts would have to pump faster to stay alive. Smoking can lead to tragic consequences for your baby – they are more likely to be born premature, underweight, or even dead.

Weigh Your Eyelids

People who suffer from logophthalmos have difficulty closing their eyes properly due to partial facial paralysis. Dryness, irritation or, in extreme cases, total blindness can result from logophthalmos. MedDev Corporation have come up with these fantastic metallic eyelid weights which allow the eyelid to fall naturally whenever the eye mucles relax. They are anchored to the eyelid with hypoallergenic tape. I believe this design is successful as it is a very safe procedure – no medication or side effects.




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