Good Design Bad Design

Our lecturer informed us today that a woman, Nadia Plesner, made a t-shirt with a thin black boy on the front holding a Louis Vuittonn handbag and a little clothed chiwawa. She says it was to make people aware of things going on in the country of Darfur – the famine; war etc – and compare it to Paris Hilton. We are putting Paris Hilton on the front pages and making a controversy of it, but on the other hand there is a much more serious problem happening in Darfur. This idea conveys well to the viewer to an extent but, in my opinion, the question is: has anybody done anything about it? This was my first reaction. Yes people will be aware and look at the shirt thinking ‘oh yes I should think how lucky I am’ but not actually do anything to help – and there needs to be a lot of people involved in the helping.

Another point the lecturer mentioned was: Women occupy the inside world, men occupy the outside world. Women stay home, look after the children, clean the dishes, being a good house wife whilst the husband goes to work all day, reads the newspapers and gets his food put on the table for him. A very traditional family I believe. But times are changing, women are realising that they can have opportunities and get a job. There’s a movement called Feminism now, where women are standing up for themselves believing they should have social rights and equal opportunities to men. I was pretty disgusted to this women being stuck at home concept. Reminded me of the film Pleasant Ville – where the husband came home expecting his wife to greet him but there was none, then he went to the kitchen expecting his dinner on the table but there was none. I feel strongly about how women should get as much chances of success as men. I deteste the idea how men get a higher salary than women just because of gender.

Our lecturer said the best picture of graphic designs are pizza flyers. My response was to agree as most students have them stuck on their fridges or on the kitchen table. They are being kept. When I look at a pizza flyer my taste buds go wild and think ‘ man I really want a pizza’. Why are they so succussful? Because they do exactly what they are meant to do. Fast, easy, cheap and conveniant. They don’t have fancy lettering that is hard to read, no artistic skill – they are just simple and straight to the point. They represent pizza.

In the past I considered good design to be practical, easy to use, durable and most importantly does the job it is designed to do PROPERLY. Some people would say it is the aesthetics but in the end, I feel the most simple designed objects are the most beautiful. Focussing on the essential aspects of the design.

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