First Year Jewellery Block

We were allowed to choose 2 two week blocks at the end of First Year. I chose Jewellery as my first block.

We were told to go out and look at form, line etc, working in our sketchbooks. Initially I drew architecture and statues but didn’t find inspiration. So I looked outside windows and saw ivy growing on walls. Thus took nature as my inspiration. I created little 3D paper models and stuck them in my sketchbook.

(small dried flowers)

(under part of pine cone)

(Small paper models inspired from drawings)

My drawings of the pine cone reminded me of bird beaks, thus made me immediately think of making a bird nest. I used ivy (as I’d been drawing it previously) and began wrapping it into a bowl/nest shape. I wanted to incorperate a contrast of materials as it creates visual interest. Using wire, I wrapped it round parts of the vines of the nest, it was a nice contrast of textural wood against a shiny surface which captures your eye. The paper beak models were then placed into the centre of the nest as if they were little chicks tweeting for food.



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