The Tipping Point Mind Map

In our design theory we have been studying the book The Tipping Point. We had to create mind maps for each chapter of the book using Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping techniques.

We were also told to pick a section of The Tipping Point that we were interested in and add as much detail as we could. I chose chapter seven: Suicide, Smoking, and the Search for the Unsticky Cigarette.

After creating these mind maps I find I understand the book much better. I believe mind mapping is a great aid for studying as they are visually stimulating and concise. I have added code-words and images to help me remember certain things.

We then had to produce an annotated bibliography in Harvard style and instead of just annotating one section of the book I annotated the WHOLE book! Oh well… least I’ve really had a good read of the book. To view my annotated bibliography please click on the link below then again at the new window.

Harvard Referencing TABLE

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