Designing BIG lecture

Today our lecturer was Professor Mike Press. In the lecture we were told how important it is design something which will create a whole new experience for consumers. How experience is more important than aesthetics. I believe this is true to an extent. How many times have you bought a new-branded stylish pair of shoes and had not considered the comfort of them? When going home, trying them on and throwing them in your cupboard – never to be seen again.

Sure the looks are important but when it really comes down to it – the experience (in this case the comfort) comes first. This is what I shall take into account when I design jewellery. Making it functional, wearable as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, we have been told in our course that function needn’t play part. It doesn’t need to have a function. Then I think, ‘well does sculpture give an experience?’ Maybe people would argue it does as the work may communicate feelings and ambience, thus creating an experience. This is debatable.

‘THINK BIG. DARE!’ This is what we were told to consider thinking about. To go beyond the boundaries, be spontanious. I strongly agree! As art should shock the viewer, creating an everlasting impression.

‘Art is meant to disturb’ Georges Braque.

We also discussed how ‘knowledge is becoming a commodity’. We used to learn how to do something, like cooking, through experience. Through actually doing it. This is known as ‘Tacit Knowledge’ – without writing what to do. However now this is turning into ‘Commodified Knowledge’, for example Delia Smith’s cook books showing step-by-step plans and instructions of how to have to perfect christmas meal etc. I find this really interesting as I have never noticed this, simply reading instructions from a book. To me this is sounding like people are taking the safe route rather than being spontanious and creating something with personality.

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